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Immersion in the plant creation studio, the latest unique creations around the fresh and dried French flower, vases and containers created by our ceramic artisans, in a Greek and solar spirit.

Are you looking for a florist for an exceptional floral arrangement? Not sure how to go about it? We are certainly the florist you are looking for! Come and discover us in our exceptional plant creation studio in Paris 4th .

An immersion in our universe to find your plant decoration

When you want to decorate your interior, bouquets of flowers can be a good idea. Indeed, the latter simply allow you to offer a little joie de vivre in your daily life. Within our floral design studio , it will be perfectly possible to enter our universe. You will be able to discover colorful compositions that will perfectly meet your expectations and your desires. These may perfectly suit your needs. If you are rather looking for compositions for an event, do not hesitate to come and have a look in our showroom.

Quality colors and fresh or dried flowers

What we love about our flower arrangements is quite simply the quality of the flowers. Our flowers are French and seasonal . We also try to make color margins that can match as many people as possible. We can perfectly offer you compositions that are perfectly in line with your interior decoration!

Choose the composition that suits you best

Whether via our website or directly in our shop, you will be perfectly able to find a composition that will suit you perfectly. Choose the one that could capsize your heart.

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